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Eighth Generation Consulting


Saxon Metzger

  • LinkedIn

Founder, Senior Sustainability Consultant

Professor of Sustainable Business

MBA, PMP, NABCEP Associate, 2023 Under 30 Winner

It all started with a used computer....

I started Eighth Generation Consulting as little outfit called Saxon's Computer Tutoring in early 2011, pairing my passion for service with a solutions oriented perspective on networks, hardware, software, and web development for residential and commercial clients. I had spent years volunteering at my local library teaching teaching computer literacy, and as a parting gift before I left for college, I was given a used Dell Inspiron laptop with the instruction that I use it to keep making the world a bit of a better place.

Over the next decade, I kept my passion project alive and well on that laptop, building up the business to support archival work for several New York Times winning photographers and professors, facilitating marketing campaigns and web development for the highest rated Airbnb in the state, and ultimately coordinating large scale hardware and software overhauls as the senior technical project manager on larger teams. We donated a significant amount of time and energy to helping with for workforce development and education courses, as well as public arts and community development, and saw small businesses and families learn and grow as part of our work. While I eventually focused on being a renewable energy advocate and project developer at various organizations in solar energy specifically, I stayed involved in various consulting projects that began to trend significantly towards sustainability, and quickly became a specialty.

Flash forward to 2021, and that aged laptop (arguably with more replacement than original parts), finally became unusable. At the same time, my primary work in the renewables industry and academic work in economics and business had made me aware of a critical need to bridge economic and sustainability related issues across non-profits, for profit, municipal, and educational organizations. We some newer gear, we switched our focus from an organization focused on digital and technical consulting to what we termed "cross-sector collaboration" as a solution to the economic and environmental challenges that every organization faces.

We had grown beyond me and a single laptop, to projects with upwards of dozens of stakeholders and numerous contractors. So we changed our name from Saxon's Computer Tutoring to Eighth Generation Consulting, a name picked with inspiration from my Osage Nation heritage. Sustainability owes its history to indigenous knowledge, with the Haudenosaunee injunction for us to consider the impact of our actions onto seven generations nearly foundational to the field's early development. But that has only taken us so far, and the idea for Eighth Generation was born as a desire to help pass the torch of indigenous understanding to one more generation, and to make the world a bit better place in the process.

We weren't prepared for the overwhelming support we've received on this journey, and the overwhelming amount of work that has opened up for us. We've consulted and project managed Regional Sustainability Plans, major renewable land acquisition projects, local, state, and federal grants, ESG and Scope 1, 2, and 3 Climate Baseline reporting, political and academic toolkits, K-12 educational sessions, and media representation projects, just to name a few.

The work that we do at Eighth Generation Consulting has been a humbling. We've learned a lot, primarily that nothing can be accomplished alone. We know that good ideas need support, follow-through, criticism and revision before they become genuinely great. And great ideas benefit both the economics of your organization as well as its environmental and social footprint.  


We also know that it's far cheaper to be taught lessons than to have to pay to learn them directly. We welcome you to connect with us and see how we can find solutions for the biggest problems that you face.


Below, you can find just a few of the many industry names that have trusted our expertise. But trust is earned individually, and needs to be backed up with more than words. Eighth Generation Consulting only signs contracts with clear terms and contractual guarantees, and carries a robust insurance policy. We are only as successful as our clients, and our success is aligned with the mission that came with that old laptop that started it all: to make the world a better place, bit by bit.

Who We've Worked With

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